Our kitchen:

Restaurant "Locanda Gulfi" with its refined and elegant location, welcomes guests on a journey through the flavours of Sicily.
Chef Giuseppe Causarano, a native of Modica, a place full of an extraordinary gastronomic culture of Baroque art and ancient history, has learned the fine art of fusion between typical Sicilian cuisine and wines produced by Azienda Agricola Gulfi in this region.

Sicilian cuisine suffers from all the historical and cultural events that made this island a magical place, warm and full of surprises.
Sicilian cuisine is very complex and, thanks to the contributions inherited by all the cultures that have been established over time in Sicily: Magna Graecia, Arabic sweets and offal cooked in the Jewish way, deliciousness prepared by the "Monsù" ,French chefs of noble families, then always passing through the use of Sicilian products.

Particular attention to local products, from meat to strictly Mediterranean fish, vegetables from the countryside. Huge selection of products under the Slow-food, from cheese to salame, onion or white Giarratana, Avola almonds, pistachios and our extra virgin olive oil.
Considerable effort is devoted to bread, in search of ancient grains and native groats, reflecting the natural ancient taste of bread thanks to the use of yeast.
Our continuous search for quality and wholesomeness make our restaurant, a place of "Rediscovery" of the healthiest traditions in a modern and elegant setting. Locanda Gulfi is the perfect place where to rest after a fantastic dinner..